Exhibition stand designs
Our design department will create a stand that truly meets your needs.

We transport the entire unit structure within Germany and across Europe.

We design our stands using all available materials.

We offer illuminated advertising signs, LED lights, coffers and many more.

We offer stall storage between trade fairs.

We offer audio multimedia system and video wall.

We design and produce unique commercial booths on request. We are able to create an original and modern booth offering cosmetics, jewelry, watches, sweets, eyeglasses/sunglasses.

We also offer service booths that are perfect for: manicure, pedicure, hairdressing, sushi meals, cocktails, shakes, healthy food, etc. Please, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your project.

Apart from typical design or production services, we also:

    • prepare quotations, cost estimates, lists or other technical specifications
    • provide high quality printing services
    • provide advertising and marketing services and POS with various materials (Glass, Plexiglass, Dibond, anodized aluminium, PVC)
    • provide unique and luxury materials (composites, regional and exotic wood, lacquer, acrylic, powder coated acid resistant steel, fragranite, conglomerates, Corian, stone – granite, marble, basalt, quartzites, onyx)
    • provide high quality multimedia equipment
    • organize maintenance, assembly and transport of all stands
    • deal with logistical preparations for fairs and exhibitions
    • assist in obtaining all necessary permits for safety reasons (fire and occupational health and safety issues) – especially in case of market stalls
    • help in obtaining building permits, work permits and other related to the investment and construction process
    • help to produce stands and provide staff, employees, hostesses and protection


Advertising products
In addition to our main focus (exhibition stands), we also offer different types of advertising products. Apart from providing unique and individual advertising products such as:

  • pylons
  • A-boards
  • displays.

We also deliver various advertising products to points of sale and exhibition sites. We make logos for our stands using different techniques and materials such as:

  • glass
  • plexiglasss
  • dibond
  • stainless steel.

The following advertising products such as JaguarPOSM (POS – point of sale, POSM – point of sales materials) are another important part of our business. They are an excellent addition to exhibition stands and market stalls. The group includes product categories and other materials used to attract the Customer (Consumer), such as:

  • key rings
  • stickers
  • advertising gadgets
  • mini information products (tray, stand, hanger, counter card)
  • neon signs
  • e-kiosks
  • display systems.

The complete portfolio of our products and services can be found on our website, and trust us – it says more than a thousand words! It’s because words can’t describe it. It’s just something you’ve got to see!