NOTE – if the stand is built by our company, our customers get the concept and project for free

Conceptional project Executive design Ready-made stand Individual stand
prices start at EUR 500 prices start at EUR 800 prices start at EUR 3000 prices start at EUR 5000
3-5 photorealistic visualizations 6-10 photorealistic visualizations Basic floor – one-colour carpet Floor – high quality carpet or panels
General view with dimensioning Extensive sections and elevations Basic counter Counter with grapfic and LED lights, 1-2 small cabinets
Color cast Details in bigger scale Painted wall with small graphics Wall with graphics or gloss wall, small facility room (fe. 1×1 m)
Schematic cross-sections or sections Materials list and elements comprasion 3-4 rent furniture (fe. 2 hokers + table) Rent: 5-6 furniture (fe. 2 hoker + 4 chair and table, lighting, TV, shelves, rack.
Exterior facades in color (2-3 pieces) Precise dimensioning Without logistics (transport, montage, serwis, disassembly, return) Without logistics (transport, montage, serwis, disassembly, return)

We provide comprehensive and professional construction of exhibition stands. Wide range of facilities, machinery and a group of specialists, as well as professional supervision, allow us to create unusual and customized stands not only by our designs, but also using our Customer’s projects.
Our company grants the statutory warranty and guarantee for exhibition stands and other products. We also provide maintenance, follow-up inspections and service. The complexity of our company at each stage of production, starting from design to branding, allows us to offer competitive prices and fast delivery.
When building service stands we always use good and proven materials from leading manufacturers, and accessories and components must suit the needs of our customers, their budget.

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